5 Best trips from Lisbon


5 Best trips from Lisbon

5 Best trips from Lisbon

5 Best trips from Lisbon

Portugal’s capital Lisbon is known for its cultural charm as well as its historical wealth. With a privileged view of the Tejo River, it has a strategic location which makes it a starting point for places unique that deserve to be explored.

Just a few hours away, it is possible to take the best trips from Lisbon to surprising and distinctive destinations, which you can get to know in just one or two days, such as:

  • Sintra
  • Nazaré and Batalha
  • Albufeira
  • Coruche
  • Douro Valley



The charming village of Sintra is just 30 minutes away from Lisbon. Known for its characteristic beauty, it is situated in the heart of the Serra de Sintra Natural Park. If you are looking to spend a unique day exploring picturesque streets and walking along the paths of history, this is the ideal destination.
When visiting Sintra, you will have the opportunity to explore castles and palaces that have been marked by centuries of events. In the past, these properties were inhabited by important figures in Portuguese culture, such as kings and queens. In addition to the monuments, you can take the opportunity to discover the woods and let yourself be enchanted by the unique magic they emanate.
Due to its authenticity, the romantic village is associated with the works of great period writers such as Eça de Queiroz, who described it as a magical and mystical place.
For a day trip to Sintra, these are the places you really must see:

  • Pena Palace
  • Moorish Castle
  • Quinta da Regaleira
  • Village Palace
  • Monserrate Palace


Nazaré and Batalha

Located in the district of Leiria, the town of Nazaré is known for its close relationship with the sea. This natural element is associated with the customs of the locality, where the fishing activity is characteristic. Simultaneously, every year several adventurers head to Nazaré to enjoy the beach.
About one hour and thirty minutes by car from Lisbon, the territory is internationally known for its fantastic waves. Even for lovers of water sports and particularly surfing, this destination is the site of several important competitions.
In the space of a day, besides visiting Nazaré you must also visit the town of Batalha, which complements this tour with its historical aspect. A thirty-minute drive from Nazaré, in Batalha, you can stroll through the historical center and appreciate the richness of the local architecture and civilization.
If you want to explore Nazaré and the village of Batalha for a day, you cannot miss the visit:

  • Nazaré Beach
  • Sítio da Nazaré
  • Nazaré Elevator
  • Batalha Monastery



In the south of the country, in the Algarve area we can find the city of Albufeira. Located approximately two hours and thirty minutes from Lisbon, it is an old fishing village. Given its proximity to the sea and its warmth especially in summer, it is sought as a beach destination. Many visitors take the opportunity to try different water activities as well as go on boat trips.
The place, besides its incredible coastline full of paradisiacal beaches, is marked by its nightlife. In the city center you can find restaurants, bars and discos which allow visitors to enjoy moments of fun.
This destination, ideal for a two-day getaway stands out for the following places:

  • Falésia Beach
  • Albufeira Marina
  • Praia dos Pescadores Beach
  • Olhos de Água Beach
  • Pau da Bandeira Viewpoint



The village of Coruche is known as the cork capital and is located near Santarém. Only one hour away from the capital, it allows visitors to escape from the bustle of the city and enjoy a calm and familiar environment.
For the adventurous who seek alternative destinations that provide the opportunity to enjoy different experiences, in Coruche it's possible to enjoy a splendid hot air balloon ride. The ride allows you to glimpse the beauty of the cork oak forest, in a unique perspective of the Ribatejo region.
Thus, those interested in getting to know Coruche and enjoying different experiences cannot fail to visit and try it out:

  • River beach of Sorraia
  • Coruche bullfighting arena
  • Sport fishing
  • Trail running


Douro Valley

The Douro Valley, located in the north of the country, although a little further away is a completely unmissable option for a best trip from Lisbon. Here, it is possible to connect with Nature in a destination marked by its connection with the Douro River and with agricultural production.
The local landscape is characterized by terraces associated with wine production, as well as by mountainous areas where there are various viewpoints that allow you to observe the imposing landscape, classified as World Heritage by UNESCO.

For those who want to get to know the region in tranquility, the two-day program From Lisbon to the Douro is the perfect opportunity. By contemplating a cruise route, it allows you to appreciate the immensity of the vineyards in a palette of shades of green, over the waters of the river. It also includes visits to local farms and tastings of traditional products. Besides, it allows you to enjoy a ride on a Historical Train which is like a true journey back in time.



The location of the capital opens immense possibilities for those interested in exploring the national territory. It makes it possible to take unique and unusual best trips from Lisbon to less popular but fantastic destinations.
A few hours away by car, you can visit places such as: Sintra, marked by its bucolic and magical landscape; Nazaré and Batalha, which offer a perfect link between the sea and local history; Albufeira, a destination marked by its nautical offer and nightlife; Coruche, which allows different activities such as balloon rides; and the Douro Valley, known for its unique landscape beauty.
In the Douro area, you cannot miss the chance to enjoy unique moments of tranquility in connection with Nature. Our programs in Douro give you the opportunity to visit the region by cruise ship and by historic train, and to live unforgettable moments.
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