Douro River Cruises. Sustainable Tourism in the Douro

Sustainable Tourism in the Douro

The responsibility to dignify Tourism, the community and the Douro

We believe that Sustainable Tourism means rethinking concepts, adapting attitudes and changing realities.

Therefore, we feel responsible to our customers, to the community around us and to our planet. For combining success with social and environmental responsibility is not just a duty: it is the conviction that we are creating a better world for future generations.

The increase of Tourism in Portugal, and more precisely in the Douro Region, has registered record numbers. The most recent official data confirms that the country has never received so many tourists, placing Portugal at the top of the tourist options.

Thus, and as an integral part of this sector, we know that our business success will always go hand in hand with our corporate responsibility. Therefore, we assume as a mission the pursuit of the challenge of sustainability: the maximum satisfaction of our client, without negatively affecting the environment that surrounds us and helping and collaborating with the local community.

Sustainable Philosophy in the Douro

Standards and practices of our Corporate Responsibility

Being Ecologically Responsible

We work daily to improve our environmental footprint and minimize our impact on the environment. In this way, we excel and innovate our business, trying to constantly reduce waste, water, energy consumption and pursuing the commitment to preserve and conserve Portugal's Natural Heritage, respecting the rules for the use of inherent natural resources to our activity.

In addition, we feel that being responsible is not limited to the strict framework of our company. We therefore encourage our suppliers to share our values and to ensure that they comply with sustainable consumption practices.

Be Economically Responsible

We assume the duty to act ethically and ecologically, but we know that it is equally important to think in the long term. For us, it is about going beyond simple economic activity: we feel that our growth must be closely linked to the success of the community where we operate, in order to be able to be dynamic and to develop.

We believe, therefore, that not only the local community should be involved, but it is also essential to ensure economic benefits where the costs are incurred, working with local suppliers and organizations that will derive fair financial returns from there.

Being Socially Responsible

We feel the need to strengthen national solidarity structures, supporting the most vulnerable citizens, helping to guarantee futures and making dreams come true.

The goals achieved annually ensure our solidary mission to share our successes with national and local organizations, making donations or offering leisure programs to the most needy.

Meet the institutions with which we collaborate:

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