Douro River Cruises. Our Customer´s Reviews


It is comforting to feel that, at the end of each cruise, we provide our customers with unforgettable moments along the Douro River.

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Abegail Murray,

United Kingdom

“Thank you for providing us with a memorable cruise on this first trip we made to the Douro Region. Now the Douro makes much more sense to us. ”

António Santos,


"We went on the cruise between Porto and Pinhão and the experience was unique. The fantastic scenery, the atmosphere on the boat is very fun and the food is great. I recommend it!"

Michel Lopes,


"On our holidays in Portugal, they helped make our Douro trip even more beautiful. The cruise was memorable and the visit to the Wine Estate was great. Thank you!"

Raúl Évora,


"Thank you for all the support you have given us since the first contact. Your service is spectacular and I hope to be able to travel again on your cruises soon."

Heidi Brauer,


"We got to know the Douro on board a fabulous cruise. It was an experience to repeat on an upcoming trip to Portugal. We will not forget to contact you!"

Catarina Pereira,


"The birthday I prepared for my mother on your boat was wonderful. Your planning and help was exemplary and all the guests loved the experience! 5 * on Group Cruises!"

Ricardo Augusto,


"It was a very well spent day in the Douro with this magnificent group of friends. We shared with you our smiles and we thank you for the wonderful experience you provided."

Monique Sousa,


"We loved our Porto-Régua cruise. We are looking forward to returning to Portugal and taking a new tour. Next time, we will go to Pocinho. See you soon!"

Bárbara Pinho,


"The Douro is even more beautiful on board a cruise. I definitely recommend a trip to Pinhão. Calm, fun and with beautiful landscapes!"

Solange Costa,


"In the summer it is difficult to have availability on cruises, but we were lucky to book it and it was a wonderful experience. I recommend it 100%! Advice: book in advance!"

Carlos Garcia,


"It was a trip that I had already thought doing about for a long time: a cruise in the Douro. I chose a weekend and we went from Porto to Barca d’Alva. 2 intense and very fun days!"

Anderson Cooper,


"We loved the simplicity and speed of the reservation, the friendliness with which we were received and the fun on board. The Douro is beautiful and it was a memorable experience. Thank you!"