1 - What kind of programs can be booked through this website?

Through the Douro - Cruzeiros Turísticos no Douro website you can book cruises and tour packages in the Douro Region. In terms of cruises, you can purchase 1-day cruises, 2 and 3-day cruises and theme cruises (programs designed for specific dates / celebrations). In addition, you can purchase previously created tourist packages, which include cruises, accommodation and other activities / experiences, or purchase a personalized event in the Douro for groups consisting of at least 30 participants. The latest functionality of our website also allows companies to join our Douro Corporate program and enjoy discounts in the Douro.

2 - How can I book a cruise / program from the website?

Just fill in the contact form of the cruise / program you want to purchase. Then, you will receive our automatic message, confirming the reception of your request. In the meantime, we will follow up on your request and you will receive a reply from one of our operators as soon as possible. You can also place your order directly with our operators (contacting us at +351 226 191 093).

3 - How far in advance should I make a reservation?

You can make your reservation until a day before (until 12:00p.m, when we close reservation lists for the next day) but we advise our customers to make the reservation as early as possible, in order to guarantee the necessary seats on board and avoid last minute setbacks. Although, in low season, availability is constant, from May to mid-October the dates tend to sell out quite quickly.

4 - I sent a reservation request. Are the seats I requested automatically reserved?

No. When you send us a “reservation request”, your request is under review. All requests are answered on a first-come,first-served basis and the pre-booking is only confirmed when you receive the confirmation email from our operators. Only when we send the payment details, the places you requested are pre-booked. The reservation will only be completely confirmed after full payment is done, within the previously stipulated deadline. Up to this deadline, if our system does not detect the transaction, your reservation will be automatically canceled and your pre-booked seats are made available for sale again.

5 - I had problems completing the booking request. What should I do?

An error in finalizing the booking process can be due to several reasons. We advise that, before starting a new reservation, and to avoid possible duplication, check that you have received our automatic reply in your email address. If you received our email, then your request was well received by us and we will follow up as soon as possible. If you do not receive our automatic response (it should appear seconds after you send it), you must send us a new reservation request.

6 - What forms of payment are accepted?

At Douro - Cruzeiros Turísticos no Douro we accept payments by Credit Card (Visa or Mastercard). This payment solution allows automatic confirmation of the purchase, it is not necessary to send proof of payment. To find out more about our payment methods, see our Payment Methods and Conditions page.

7 - Is it safe to pay by Credit Card?

Yes, this is a secure online payment. When you pay by Credit Card, we send you a link, through which you are redirected to a secure online payment website Redunicre, our partner that processes payments. Redunicre and our bank are the only entities that process your card data and guarantee the transmission of encrypted data. Douro - Cruzeiros Turísticos do Douro only receives information with the result of the authorization and instructions to proceed with the order. To find out more about this form of payment, see our Payment Methods and Conditions page.

8 - Can there be an extra charge for paying with a Credit Card?

Our prices remain the same, regardless of the payment method. However, as our payments are always made in Euros (€), some banks abroad may charge exchange fees. For more information, you should contact your bank.

9 - Can someone else make a reservation on my behalf?

Yes, it is possible. Anyone can make a reservation on behalf of another. In this case, it is very important to fill in the required data correctly, to avoid subsequent errors. It is also possible to pay with the credit card of the reservation holder, as well as that of another passenger or family member, it is not mandatory to make the payment with the same card as the reservation holder.

10 - After payment, how do I know my reservation is complete?

As soon as our reservation system detects your payment, you will automatically receive an email with the final documentation. It includes: boarding voucher and invoice and receipt related to the purchase. After receiving this email, you can consider your reservation completed.

11 - I have already made the payment for the reservation but I did not receive the purchase confirmation email with the final documents. What should I do?

After payment, the email with the final documents is automatically sent to your email address. For this reason, it should be received in a few minutes. If you have not received it, first of all, confirm that the email sent by Douro - Cruises Tourists in the Douro has not gone to your SPAM, Trash or Unverified Mail folder (sometimes, certain servers do not receive emails correctly and post them in these unconfirmed boxes). If the email is not in any of these boxes, you should contact us so that we can check what happened (you can send an email to info@douro.com.pt or use the number +351 226 191 093).

12 - There is a mistake on the booking information. What should I do?

It is extremely important that you provide us with the correct identification data, as name, contact and email, the desired date (s) and the program. If you have received a booking confirmation with the incorrect details, please contact us urgently, by calling [+351] 226 191 093, within our customer service hours (9 am - 6 pm).

13 - I've already paid for my reservation. However, can I change it?

Yes, you can change your reservation at any time, as long as we have seats available and / or we are provided with this information in a timely manner (up to 3 days prior to the cruise / program departure date). In this case, you should contact us as soon as possible by phone [+351] 226 191 093 (office hours: 9 am - 6 pm).

14 - What documentation is required for boarding?

On the day you must take the Boarding Voucher that was sent by email to be printed (one voucher per reservation is enough) - or the Vouchers, if the program includes accommodation and other visits - and the reservation holder's ID Card (or Passport if the holder is a foreigner). Although we only check the identification of the holder, we remind you that in Portugal it is mandatory for all citizens to always have an official identification card with them.

15 - Do I have to print my Boarding Voucher?

Yes, we ask all customers to print the Boarding Voucher. Not only will it facilitate the check-in and entry of all passengers, it also complies with the requirements imposed by law.

16 - My reservation is paid, but I cannot travel. Is it possible to cancel the reservation free of charge?

Yes, it is possible to cancel (or postpone) your reservation free of charge if the cancellation is communicated to us (at least) 72 hours prior to departure. In this case, we will immediately proceed with the full refund of the paid amount.

In the case of personalized programs (created according to the client's needs), the initial deposit is non-refundable (20%).

17 - Is it possible for the course of my cruise to be changed?

Yes, but only in exceptional circumstances will we change the established route. Such circumstances may be due to at least one of these situations: bad weather conditions, unfavorable navigation, damage to the navigation locks, damage to the vessels, unforeseen delays, strikes, unavailability of our tour partners, means of transport cut or that do not offer security, insufficient number of participants, among other unforeseen situations that are beyond our control. In these situations, all customers will be duly informed and will be able to choose to refund the amounts already paid or accept another suggested cruise, with the respective price variation and within the stipulated period.

18 - What happens if the number of participants is not enough?

In the event that the minimum number of participants in a given program is not met, customers will be duly informed and may choose full refund or accept another suggested cruise, with the respective price variation and within the stipulated period. This situation has been registered very rarely and only in low season.

19 - What does “upstream” and “downstream” mean in the programs between Porto and Régua?

There are two programs available between Porto and Régua. Both programs consist of a boat trip and a train / tourist bus trip. The expression “upstream” or “downstream” refers to the route taken by the boat. On the cruise “Porto-Régua-Porto (upstream)”, the program starts with the cruise to Régua, that is, the boat goes up the Douro River. In this case, the route between Régua and Porto is done by train/bus. The cruise “Porto-Régua-Porto (downstream)” is exactly the opposite: the program starts with a trip bytrain/bus to Régua and the return will be made by boat, downstreaming the Douro River.

20 - How early should I be at the departure location on the day of the cruise/program?

We advise our customers to show up at the indicated location 15 minutes before the scheduled time. Thus, any setbacks are avoided and, since there are large groups in most programs, we are able to streamline the check-in and entry of all passengers.

21 - Are we accompanied by a guide on the cruise?

Yes, all of our cruises are attended by at least one guide who will explain the history of the Douro, the legends and facts of River, the places visible from the boat, the passage process at the Dams, among other curiosities.

22 - What languages are spoken on board?

The Portuguese language is the official language on board. However, our guides will also provide explanations in English and French.

23 - Is lunch on the cruise included in the price?

Yes, lunch served on board (including stipulated drinks during the meal) is included in the price. Some programs also include breakfast on board (also included in the price), if mentioned. All services described in the programs are included in the price (or, if not, the information must be clear and visible).

24 - Can I request a different menu?

The lunch menu served on board has been previously defined and is prepared on the spot by our Chefs. However, for those who have diet restrictions / allergies or are vegetarian/vegan, we can offer a different menu. To do this, you must inform us at the time of booking, in order to request a different meal.

25 - Can I choose my seat when booking?

It's not possible. On the boat, passengers will be able to walk freely on the lower and upper deck, without any booked seats. However, for breakfast and lunch the tables are randomly assigned at the time at the time. If you all belong to the same reservation, you will be seated together. In programs that include train trip, and since this trip is carried out by CP (Train company) it is of their responsibility and it is this entity that manages tickets and availability, and we are not able to book seats or ensure all seats.

26 - During the cruise, does the boat wave a lot?

No. The itineraries and our boats are designed to make navigation as peaceful as possible. Since it is a river navigation, there is no agitation and the boat sails at 13 knots (about 9km / hour), providing a pleasant trip for all participants. In any case, if you frequently suffer from nausea, you may feel less afraid if you take a simple nausea medicine.

27 - Do boats have a bar?

Yes, our boats have a bar, where you can buy drinks and some snacks. All items purchased here are not included in the price and must be paid at the time of purchase. The currency on board is the Euro (€), and no other type of currency is accepted.

28 - Does my booking include any travel insurance?

The responsibility of Douro - Cruzeiros Turísticos no Douro is guaranteed by the insurance required by Portuguese law.

29 - What should I take for a cruise in the Douro?

Other than your normal ID card or Passport, we advise you to bring comfortable clothes and shoes, a hat and sunscreen (in the summer). In addition, and since the summer is hot in the Douro, we suggest that you bring (or purchase on board) at least one bottle of water. You may take drinks on board, as long as they do not fall within the category of dangerous liquids (flammable, explosive, etc.).

30 - I am Pregnant. May I travel?

There is no foreseen limitation. However, we advise pregnant women to ask their doctor, especially if they are in the final stages of pregnancy. Remember that our boats do not have a doctor on board.

31 - Which domestic animals can travel on board?

Pets are not accepted. Only guide dogs or other animals for personal support are allowed to remain on board and will have to be subject to specific coordination and request at the time of booking.

32 - Can I smoke inside the boat?

Smoking on boats is strictly prohibited, with the exception of the outside deck (cigar, cigarettes, tobacco pipe). Failure to comply with these rules results in an infraction under Law No. 37/2007.

33 - Are there special price lists for children and babies?

Yes. In our programs, children have a special price, as you can confirm in the conditions below:

1-2 or 3- Day cruises: Children up to 3 years old will travel free of charge and children aged between 4 and 11 years will have a 50% discount (the age for discounts may change, depending on the program). These discounts are applicable whenever children travel with their parents. From the age of 12, they will pay the full amount of the cruise, being considered adults.

34 - Are there special prices for groups?

Yes, when the group exceeds 10 participants, we will apply our special price lists for groups. The price will depend on the chosen destination and the duration of the program. Ask us for a free quote, by email: info@douro.com.pt.

35 - Do schools have special prices?

Yes, Schools have special discounts, which vary depending on the number of students and their ages. In this case, ask us for a free quote by sending an email to info@douro.com.pt.

36 - I didn't get to the departure location in time. What can I do?

Failure to show up at the departure location at the indicated time implies the loss of the right to travel and the amount that was paid is not refundable. In case of delay, we advise you to contact the emergency number on the voucher, in order to speak directly with the crew. In case you loss the boat and are unable to board, you should contact our offices as soon as possible, in order to find out (without obligation) if there is any alternative.

37 - My program includes train. What kind of train is it?

Train trip takes place on a regular train belonging to the company CP (Comboios de Portugal) and will not be a private service. As the train trip is under the responsibility of this entity, CP is solely responsible for the management of tickets and availability, and it is not possible for us to ensure all seats. If CP, exceptionally, is unable to guarantee the quality of the service provided, the train journey will be replaced by a tour bus.

38 - Can the train journey provided for in my program be replaced by bus?

Yes. Whenever there are no safety conditions for passengers, we reserve the right to substitute the train journey for a private tour bus. In this case, the price for the customer remains the same.

39 - Do Douro Cruises take place all year round?

No. Between November and the end of March, the Douro Dams are closed for maintenance. Thus, navigation in the Douro is conditioned and we only carry out cruises that do not imply passing through locks (boat trips in Porto and Pinhão-Tua-Pinhão cruise).

40 - How many Dams will I pass through on my cruise?

It depends on the chosen cruise. There are a total of 5 Dams in the Douro River, in Portuguese territory, between Porto and Barca D’Alva. Consult your cruise program for the itinerary details or contact us (226 191 093).

41 - After completing my program in the Douro, how can I submit a complaint?

We regret that you have experienced any inconvenience during your trip. We therefore recommend that you communicate it directly to the colleague who made your reservation or to our general email (indicating your reservation number), as quickly as possible. We guarantee that all opinions / complaints are properly analyzed, answered and taken into consideration, so we may improve our service.

42 - Where can I consult the General Conditions?

Our General Conditions are available online and you can consult them at any time.

43 - I'm going on a cruise. Where can I park my car?

There are paid parking spaces or parking garages near the boarding piers but not included in the price. In certain parts of the Douro you will find free parking more easily. However, parking is solely the customer´s responsibility.

44 - My program´s start and finish location is different. Are transfers between the two locations included?

No. Whenever the start and finish location of a program is different, the transfer between the two locations is not included in the price and will be the responsibility of the customer.

45 - I bought a multi-day program in the Douro that has transfers included. Where should I go to find the driver?

Our driver will have your reservation number and name. He will be waiting for you at the scheduled place and time. In case there are a lot of people and you can´t find our driver or they are not there, on the voucher you will have his direct contact that you can use.

46 - I bought multi-day program in the Douro that includes accommodation. What type of accommodation will I stay in?

It depends on the program chosen and the availability of our partners at the time of booking. However, we only work with 4 * or 5 * Hotels, always guaranteeing maximum comfort and excellence for our customers.

47 - If any problem occurs during the trip, who should I contact?

The voucher we send you by email contains all the emergency numbers you need and that you can use at any time. If you prefer, you can contact us through our general number [+351] 226 191 093 (opening hours: 9 am - 6 pm). Our on-site partners also have precise directions to help you with and resolve the situation as quickly as possible.

48 - I'm not sure which trip to buy. How can I make the right decision?

To have our personalized, fast and effective advice contact us at  +351 226 191 093. You can also send us an email (info@douro.com.pt) with all your questions. In addition, we have an online forum, through which our colleagues can help you on the spot. We will be completely available to help you choose the option that best suits your needs.

49 - I intend to buy one of your programs, but I would like to change some details. Is it possible?

It depends on the chosen program and the details you want to change. However, we are completely available to adapt our programs to your liking, within our limits and availability. In this case, we advise you to contact us for a more personalized, fast and effective service (+351 226 191 093 or info@douro.com.pt).

50 - I want to buy a Douro Cruise, but I don't want to return by train (or tour bus). Is it possible?

Yes. If you want, you can only purchase the cruise, without the trip by train or tourist bus. In this case, we will adjust the price accordingly. At the time of booking, tell us this information and we will proceed accordingly.

51 - What are Theme Cruises?

We name “Theme Cruises” any cruise in the Douro that takes place on a specific date or holiday, in order to celebrate an important / traditional event. Examples of these programs are the St. John´s Festivities Cruise, the New Year's Cruises, the Valentine's Day Cruises, the Mother's Day Cruise, etc.

52 - Can I make a group reservation?

Yes, there is no limit on the number of participants per booking. However, when the group exceeds 20 elements, there may be the possibility of paying a deposit at the time of booking, in order to ensure all seats on board. In addition, if the group consists of a minimum of 30 participants (paying), you can choose to design a program tailored to your group.

53 - What do the “tailor-made cruises” mean?

Tailor made or custom cruises are personalized programs for groups consisting of (at least) 30 paying participants. Thus, we can customize the itinerary, services and activities included, preparing individually according to your budget and needs. Ask us for a free quote!

54 - I have a company. Can I join your “Douro Corporate” program?

Yes. The “Douro Corporate” program was designed especially for companies. Within this program we have two different modalities: discount protocols on cruises in the Douro for employees / partners and the organization at competitive prices of corporate programs in the Douro. With exclusive advantages for companies, integrating “Douro Corporate” is easy and free of charge. Send us an email to info@douro.com.pt and our sales team will get in touch with your company.

55 - I would like to offer a gift voucher that can be converted into your services. Is it possible?

Yes, and there are two types of gift vouchers:

You choose an Amount: the voucher has an amount defined by you (you can choose the amount you want), this way the receiver has the total freedom to book any cruise/program which they´d prefer. It is valid for 1 year, after its purchase.
You choose a Cruise/Program: the voucher has a pre-defined cruise,which you choose at your liking, and the receiver of the gift voucher can go on that cruise whenever they´d like, according to availability at the moment. Availability will be confirmed when the receiver contacts us to make the reservation.

In either case, payment of the voucher is made at the time of purchase and not when the service is used. After your order (just fill in the form on the page dedicated Gift Vouchers), we will send you an email with the details to make the payment and all instructions. This Gift Voucher is sent to your email, so we provide you the maximum readiness and comfort. Therefore, you can offer the gift whenever you want.

We also inform you that our Gift Vouchers automatically expire on the expiration date shown on them.

56 - I received a gift voucher to be used on your services. How can I take advantage of this voucher?

First of all, congratulations on receiving one of the best gifts ever: the Douro! It is very easy to enjoy your gift. Just choose the day you want to travel (choose the cruise if it was not pre-defined) and contact us in order to make your reservation. This reservation is free of charge and it is only to confirm our availability and book your seats. All contacts can be found on the voucher. Thus, we advise voucher holders to contact us as early as possible, in order to ensure seats on board.

We also inform you that our Gift Vouchers expire automatically after reaching the expiration date shown on them.

57 - How can I receive offers and information about your programs by email?

On this website you can see the option to receive all our offers and information periodically, adding your email address to our newsletter list. Our goal is to send you information about our products, services, offers or special promotions, according to your preferences. This way, you can receive personalized offers. We remind you that, according to the current data protection legislation, you can rectify or cancel this subscription at any time.

58 - How can I access your promotional campaigns?

Promotional campaigns are launched periodically by Douro - Cruzeiros Turísticos no Douro, without the need for prior notice. They will be promoted in our newsletters and on our Social Networks. Subscribe to our newsletters and tell us via Facebook or Twitter, to have priority access to our promotions (our promotional campaigns are subject to a stock limit).

Any Doubts?

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